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QCSW makes a point of catering to our female readers, who are typically the main bargain-hunters and every-day financial decision makers in their households. Women enjoy reading and using this magazine with clean, uncluttered ads on glossy paper designed to appeal to the eye. Each ad is custom-designed specifically for the client by one of our award-winning graphic designers. We often get positive comments from our readers about the quality of the ad design. 

Each advertiser invites the reader to get to know their business by offering a savings. QCSW holds a strict policy of promoting only the highest caliber of businesses in each industry. For example, before a restaurant is asked to join our magazine, we dine at their establishment to ensure the quality of the food and service is up to par with the expectations of our readers. We are always on the lookout for businesses that want to deliver the best service and product to our readers!  Please give us feedback on your experience with our advertisers.  

We started the Quality Connections Southwest franchise in March of 2005 following 30 years in the corporate advertising world.  After carefully interviewing many clients from other Quality Connections franchises, we found their experience to be exceptional and we wanted to be part of that experience. 

Quality Connections is the oldest and largest marketing magazine in Colorado and mails to nearly 700,000 households throughout Colorado five times a year.  Home-grown and started in 1995 by Steve and Colleen Smith in Colorado Springs, interested advertising professionals have jumped at the chance to be part of the team. Our long-term presence has provided stability and commitment to our advertisers and readers.  We’re here for Colorado! 

Quality Connections brings you the best in restaurants, personal services, home improvement and other merchants that want your business. We hope your experience with our magazine and our advertising partners is exceptional.  If you have any comments please let us know!



female readers,  are typically the main bargain-hunters and every-day financial decision makers in their households.